MICHELIN Guide Seoul Starred Chefs Showcase

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The MICHELIN Guide Seoul presents a month-long culinary extravaganza with starred restaurants featured in the 2018 MICHELIN Guide Seoul


La Yeon, Ristorante Eo, Joo ok / Dosa, L’Amitie /

Kwon Sook Soo, Dining in Space, Jungsik / Gotgan, Mingles, Votre Maison

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  18 June to 24 June 2018

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  9 July to 15 July 2018


Reservation & Cancellation Policy

  • Minimum 2 persons per table.
  • Kindly take note of the restaurant’s operating days and hours.
  • Please be advised that tables cannot be pre-designated.
  • Your reservation is confirmed when you purchase your ticket.
  • For inquiries regarding dietary restrictions or food allergies you may have, please call the restaurant prior to purchasing your ticket.
  • Once your reservation has been confirmed, it cannot be altered. If you would like to make change to your reservation, please cancel your purchase and repeat your online reservation from the beginning.
  • We only accept cancellations(and offer refunds) 7 days prior to the date of your reservation.
  • Please call the restaurant directly if you wish to change the booking time.


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This Event has now ended. Check back shortly for updated on upcoming Events.